Breast Augmentation

Ideal candidates for augmentation mammoplasty are women who have hypovolemic breast tissues, patients who have skin laxicity and volume depletion after massive weight loss or assymetria in breasts. During the analyzes multiple criteria such as the volumes of the actual breasts, skin quality, the width of the chest and shoulders are important for determination of the operation type and size of the prosthesis. Golden standart for augmentation mammoplasty is silicone prosthesis. The options for prosthesis can be gel filled, saline filled, round or anatomic shaped, textured or smooth. The incision side can be inframammary, intraareolar or axillary. The prosthesis can be placed under the gland, under the muscle or under the muscle fascia. Our preffered plan for placement of the prosthesis is under muscle fascia. This technique provides most natural, aesthetically most pleasant shape and gives the best recovery time. Also this technique gives nearly capsule contracture free result, no problems in breast feeding and nipple sensorial innervation. One night stay in hospital is necessary .