Breast Reduction

These procedures can be performed for patients who have mammary enlargement and ptosis of the breast gland. The surgery can be performed not only by means of cosmetic issues but also for functionnal benefits (neck pains, fungal infections, etc). As Trendplast surgeons, we can select any kind of breast reduction and mastopexias techniques regarding the degree of breast enlargement and ptosis level. This very limited vertical scar mammoplasty leaves very limited miniscar but gives aesthetically very pleasant result with life long efficacity. Occasionally, in very hypertrophic and ptotic breasts we might choose inferior pedicle, Mc Cissock or Free Nipple Procedure which result in a small inverted T scar. In all operation techniques breast feeding and nipple innervation are maximally protected. Operation time changes between 2-3 hours. One night stay in hospital can be needed.