Tummy Tuck Surgery

In this procedure the excessive, degenerated skin and fat tissue around and under the umbilicus are removed; the abdominal muscles are thightened and strengthened ; and also strias due to the multiple pregnancies and massive weight gain – loss are removed. The operation basically have two types: Mini or Full. In patients who have minor excessive skin , fat tissue under the umbilicus are ideal candidates for miniabdominoplasty. At the other hand, in patients who have more excessive and degenerated skin, fat tissue and muscle laxicity full abdominoplasty is selected. As Trendplast surgeons, we generally prefer high lateral tension abdominoplasty which has an advantage of smaller scar and better aesthetical appearance.The operation time varies 2 to 3 hours, one night stay in hospital is necessary. Supportive dressing should be worn for 3 weeks.